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5 Years Home

Happiest Gotcha Day, my little fireball.

 Five years ago today I couldn't have told   you how year five would go. I wouldn't have seen the mountains you would have to climb. But He could. I couldn't have warned you that there would be a failed heart procedure before a very successful, but serious, heart surgery. But He could. Or that even though this year turned significantly medical
 how you would go an entire 12 months without even a common cold. But He could.      In my little 42 years I want to be sure of things. I want to know things. I want to teach you all the things, however I am finding myself only sure about one thing. Jesus. The truth that is Him. 

       So here are some beautiful truths about year five that we cannot miss....
There is not a place on the planet that you could go where Jesus is not with you....not a little sidewalk in Guangzhou, China....not an orphanage....not a classroom...not the depths of an operating room.
       "Where shall I go from you…

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